Our mission and values

Mission & Values

Business Ideas at Work SM

Business Ideas at WorkSM” These four simple words have a profound impact on how we approach everything we do as a firm. It’s about understanding our clients’ businesses “so well” that we are able to provide objective and keen insight, as well as practical and well thought out solutions. Business Ideas at Work is about helping clients to both manage risk and create growth opportunities.

Looking Deeply, Looking Differently

Our ability to look into our clients’ businesses to “see what others don’t see” and “complement what others do see” is what truly makes KPM stand out in the minds of our clients. We look at every project with a multi-dimensional view. By understanding the task at hand – or having a deeper awareness of the often unspoken task at hand – KPM is able to look below the surface at margins, cost structure, verticals, and even global opportunities.

“Within and Across”

The Business Ideas at WorkSM philosophy is applied vertically and horizontally “within and across” our organization: You’ll see it at work in everything we do, embedded in our processes, and in the very DNA of intellectual property development.

Business Ideas at WorkSM is outcome-oriented and forward thinking.  It’s how we focus our efforts where they can have the most impact. It’s about leverage. It’s about ROI.  It’s about achieving something better.

If your business could use an infusion of Business Ideas at WorkSM to bring it to the next level, talk to one of our practice leaders today by calling or filling out the form on the right.